Strong Krambambula

Strong Krambambula

Prepared with appetizing horseradish roots. You will see a horseradish root, as a symbol of cheerful national humour in a beautiful bottle.

Alcoholic content : Alcoholic content
Pungency: Pungency
Complexity: Complexity



Product type: bitter.

Alcoholic content: 40%.

Bottle volume: 0,5 l; 0,2 l; 0,1 l. 

Ingredients: treated potable water, ethyl alcohol rectified of Lux food raw materials, alcohol infusions of horseradish roots, lemon peel, St. John's wort grass, linden flowers, natural honey.


Appearance: transparent liquid with or without horseradish root in a bottle. May contain suspensions or sediment of horseradish particles. 


Colour: light yellow to golden yellow.


Taste: burning, with a light taste of horseradish roots.


Flavour: horseradish root.


Caloric value: 224,1 kcal/100 сm3.

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