Hunter’s Krambambula

Hunter’s Krambambula


It is prepared on vanilla grass and thyme. You will see a stem of vanilla grass in a beautiful bottle as a reminder of the hunter’s luck!

Alcoholic content: means alcohol content in the beverage (more crowns means a stronger beverage)
Pungency: means content of spicy components in the beverage (more crowns means a spicier beverage)
Complexity: means the number of ingredients for the beverage (more crowns means a more complex beverage)


Awards:: 2003. International Sales Exhibition. Bronze medal.

Product type: bitter.

Alcoholic content: 40%.

krambambula3Bottle volume: elite series; 0,5 l; 0,2 l; 0,1 l.

Ingredients: treated potable water, ethyl alcohol rectified of Lux food raw materials, infusion of vanilla grass, infusion of thyme, sugar, vanilla grass.

Appearance: transparent liquid with vanilla grass introduced to the bottle. Presence of suspensions of vanilla-grass particles is allowed.

Colour: light straw with greenish shade to light yellow with greenish shade.

Taste: a bit spicy with pleasant bitter.

Flavour: handed up with light note of vanilla grass.

Caloric value: 224.2 kcal/100 сm3  


Ideal for preparation of Silver Bullet cocktail.

Ingredients: 1 part of Hunter’s Krambambula, 1 part of apple juice, ice. Stir Hunter’s Krambambula with apple juice, add ice. A thin slice of apple as a garnish.
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