Magnificent Krambambula

Magnificent Krambambula

It is infused on coffee beans with whole beans inside the bottle. You would be pleased and convenient to drink it!

Alcoholic content : alcoholic-2
Sweetness: means sugar content in the beverage (more crowns means a sweeter beverage)
Complexity: complexity-4


Product type: liqueur.

Alcoholic content: 20%.

Mass concentration of sugar: 16.0 g/100 сm3.

Mass concentration of the total extract: 16.0 g/100 сm3.

Bottle volume: 0.5 l.

Ingredients: treated potable water, ethyl alcohol rectified of Lux food raw materials, infusion of roasted natural coffee, sugar, coffee beans.

Appearance: transparent liquid with coffee beans introduced to the bottle. Presence of suspensions or sediment of coffee-beans particles is allowed.

Colour: light brown to dark brown.

Taste: harmonious, sweet with light coffee bitter.

Flavour: coffee.

Caloric value: 176.0 kcаl/100 сm3.


Ideal for preparation of Bedouin’s Smile cocktail.

Per 1 serving: 20 ml of Magnificent Krambambula, 30 ml of vodka, 50 ml of cold coffee, several drops of lemon juice, ice. Stir all the components, add ice.
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