Delicate Krambambula

Delicate Krambambula

Noble beverage of select spices with soft and delicate taste and flavour. This beverage would be a decoration for any festive table!

Alcoholic content: alcoholic-2
Sweetness: means sugar content in the beverage (more crowns means a sweeter beverage)
Complexity: complexity-5



2005. 6th International degustation contest of Liqueurs and Spirits. Gold medal.

2007. 7th International degustation contest of Liqueurs and Spirits. Silver medal.

Product type: liqueur.

Alcoholic content: 20%.

Mass concentration of sugar: 16.0 g/100 сm3.

Mass concentration of the total extract: 16.0 g/100 сm3.

Bottle volume: 0.5 l.

Ingredients: treated potable water, ethyl alcohol rectified of Lux food raw materials, sugar, spirit infusions: of germander speedwell, of cinnamon, of nutmeg, of dill, of black pepper, natural honey, spirit infusions: of paprika, of clove, of laurel leaf.

Appearance: transparent liquid. Formation of a cloudy drop observed while upturning the bottle and disappearing while shaking is allowed.

Colour: gold with brown or pink shade to dark amber with brown shade.

Taste: harmonious, sweet.

Flavour: complex, handed up with light note of spices.

Caloric value: 176.1 kcal/100 сm3.

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