Company History

BELPI – Belarusian Beverages Production and Commercial Limited Liability Company is a private company established in 1992. The company’s personnel is a harmonious team of like-minded persons, the best professionals of their job with the occupational experience of many years.

The principal efforts of the whole company are focused on production of high-quality Belarusian alcoholic beverages stressing uniqueness and centuries-old roots of the Belarusian people, its rich and heroic historical past.

In 1996 production of premium-class General vodkas dedicated to the world-renowned son of the Belarusian land, General T. Kastsyushko.

In 2003 BELPI revived and developed commercially a famous Belarusian national alcoholic beverage, Krambambula which became a perfect gift to all the Belarusians and guests of our country, a real trademark of Belarus.

In 2009 the company began to supply all of its products to the market in a unique branded bottle BELARUSIAN BEVERAGES.

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